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Kary Diamond



On this Tru-Life Feature we take a look at gospel reggae artist Kary Diamond from Florida. 


An artist that is no stranger to struggle, Kary’s story is one that will inspire many and proves that in every situation God has a plan. 


Raised as the youngest of 5 children in Clarendon, Jamaica, it was evident that from the beginning there was a calling on her life and that music would play a big part in her future. Growing up she enjoyed the sound of her fathers music playing around the house, and became a fan of artists such as Michael Jackson, Kenny Rogers and Lt. Stitchie. When her family moved to Florida she eventually started to attend a local Pentecostal church with her mother and went on to sing in the church choir. 


As time progressed, life took a dramatic turn for the worse in Kary’s life as she lost her mother to cancer and eventually there was a breakdown in her family, resulting in her living on the streets of South Florida. This was one of the hardest times in Kary’s life having lost everything, but still she held on to her Christian Faith and trusted God could turn things around for her, and turn they did. Her eye caught an advert one day for a modelling agency, so she rang them up and before she knew it she was signed and taking on local modelling gigs. This opened a number of doors for her which led back into music as she became a DJ on a radio station along with other new opportunities. 


Fast forward to 2018 and life has definitely improved even more for the artist. With a strong faith in God and now a wife and mother of 6 beautiful children, there’s no doubt that blessings have come her way. 


Her journey in life led Kary to write and produce her first album titled ‘No Pressure’ in 2010. The album has 13 great tracks with that classic reggae and dancehall vibe as she delivers a powerful message throughout. Since then she has released a number of music videos and some singles, leading to 2017 where she would drop her second album called ‘Pretty Face’ which features 14 tracks, including her hit single ‘Inspire You.’


When asked about the reason for what she does Kary's answer was "My desire is that none would be lost but all would repent and come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior."


We know there is still lots more to come from Kary and we’ll definitely be listening out for her new material.



For more info you can visit her website at www.karydiamond.com or email karyadiamond@gmail.com





Kary's Albums

Father I Thank You

Inspire You

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