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"We fully endorse and are exultant working alongside this great established Christian business, helping to promote the good news of Jesus Christ!"
Jonathan Rowland - CEO of MyChurch.Events
"I am just grateful that we have outfits like this helping to get the word out about our music!"
Tosin Oyelakin - Artist
Being a gospel artist in the UK, one of the biggest challenges we face is the absence of credible and consistent media platforms with not only the Gospel message at the heart of what they do, but also a genuine interest in seeing that artists who sing about this message get a fair opportunity for their voices to be heard. Tru-Life Promotions is one of the very few platforms that address this issue and from my personal experience working with them, I can boldly say that they are one of the most supportive platforms of UK Gospel artists we have today.
Sarah Téibo - Artist

We are a Christian organisation with a huge heart for Jesus Christ and the word of God. Our sole purpose is to be witnesses for him and spread the good news of Christ to as many people as possible through music, events and Christian projects.


We aim to achieve our goals by:



  • Promoting gospel artists, musicians, events, Christian organisations, charities and businesses.


  • Hosting gospel events and conferences around the UK and worldwide


  • Partnering with other Christian companies, organisations or individuals to further spread the gospel.


  • Designing and sharing creative Christian media


  • Using social networks as a source for evangelism



We firmly believe in the fact that God sent His only son Jesus Christ to die for all of our sins. This way we don't have to perish, but can have everlasting life through Jesus (See John 3:16)


So in all we do, our aim is to share that information with as many people as we can, so they too can have true life (Tru-Life) in Christ.

Music / Events / Artist Interviews and more.
Promoting some of the best Christian sounds

in the UK and Worldwide.


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