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When it comes to worship music, there's no doubt how truly blessed we are here in the UK with some amazing talent. Names like Noel Robinson, Tim Hughes and Vicky Beeching have ministered to thousands, with their powerful sounds and inspirational lyrics, as well as many other great artists.


One of the things we are renowned for here at Tru-Life is our passion for new emerging artists. Enter the latest duo to attract our attention, Luke Wareham and Rachel Mason.

When their music was sent over to us we instantly took a liking to it. Both are singers and songwriters with a heart for leading others into the presence of God through worship. Their debut single 'Whisper' was released in January 2020 and made it to number 11 in the UK Christian Charts. The duo then went on to release a five track EP of the same name, which we're glad to say has been added to our playlist.

So let's get to know these guys a little bit more in this exclusive interview.

Let’s start by going back. What was the first song you ever wrote together and why did you choose that song? 

All are songs on our EP have been written over the past year whilst serving in the church and listening to God prophetically. We think it’s important to base our songs on scripture from the Bible, both Old and New Testament, because the Bible is God’s word inspired by the Holy Spirit and it points us to the God we worship.  The Bible also guides us in our faith and everyday life. The first song we wrote together along with our good friend Ollie Morris was our debut single Whisper. Luke wrote the lyrics to Whisper whilst reflecting on 1 Kings - God wasn’t in the noise of the wind, in the rocks breaking, in the earthquake or fire, but he was in the silence as he whispered to Elijah. We believes that even when the enemy seems loud in our lives, even when we are filled with panic and doubt, a whisper from God changes everything. God revealed himself in a whisper to Elijah because he was so close and he whispers in our life situations because he is so close and never leaves us.


Were there any artists which inspired you both growing up?

Luke – I have always been inspired by Matt Redman one of the first worship albums I remember getting was his album Blessed be your name. I spent hours in my room as a 11 year old learning the songs and worshipping.


Rachel – As a child my family listened to a lot of Paul Simon, Kate Bush, Elton John and The Beach Boys. I think these artists influenced my love of high vocal registers, poetic lyrics and beautiful harmonies.  

Describe the experience when you first performed on stage together?

We both love helping people to worship God and have been leading worship in the local church and at events around the UK for years together. A special moment was when we first played some of the songs we had written together at a worship event in Bristol called Wildfire. People really worshipped with the songs and asked If they had been recorded so it gave us confidence to record our songs. One way we have been able to share our music even in lockdown is via resourcing churches with the lyric videos to the songs off our new EP. The Baptist Union of GB, Spring Harvest and New WIne have all used the songs as resources for online worship. We have also been involved with leading worship online in a variety of formats including in our local churches and by taking part in the global 24/7 Burn with other worship leaders around the world.

If you had the opportunity to learn how to play a new instrument, what would it be?


Luke – I would love to learn the drums!


Rachel – I would love to learn to play the cello as it’s such a beautiful, soulful sound.              



How did the conception of your Whisper EP come about?


Luke -  I actually went round Rachel’s house for keyboard lessons but after hearing some of the songs I had written Rachel encouraged me to get the songs recorded. We have a passion for writing songs that lead people into the presence of God, that help people fix their eyes on Jesus and to experience afresh the healing power of the Holy Spirit. We were inspired by a  quote from John Ortberg when writing the EP, he says ‘I need to worship because without it I lose the sense of wonder and gratitude and plod through life with blinkers on’.  Our hope is that the songs help people in everyday life to worship Jesus. In this current challenging climate, the word needs this kind of hope!



What can we expect from you both this year?


Looking ahead to 2020 and with the release of our first EP,  we have already started writing new songs with some of our friends.  We would love to share the songs with the wider church and will be leading worship online, in our local churches and at different events



Random Question: Describe your life using film titles.


Luke – ‘The school of rock’ – I work as a  youth worker in Bristol, work in schools and love music!


Rachel – ‘The Greatest Showman’ – My life is one big musical! Lost in Translation – People don’t always understand the way I explain things! ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’ – Life can be all three at different times but God is in every situation and can turn things that seem bad and ugly into good.

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"We both love helping people to worship God"

We pray that the songs would be ‘soothing to the soul’

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